Client Spotlight

Birdflower Productions

This month's Client Spotlight is shining on Birdflower Productions

Birdflower productions was founded in 2012 by Donnie Bennett. They specialize in all things audio, video and photography for businesses, actors, singer/songwriters, models, musicians,  and more, all at affordable prices. 

"Birdflower Productions was created to help you with just about any photo, video, or audio production project you require. We work hard to keep your production’s cost down. We promise your project will fit your budget. You do not have to worry about spending your life’s savings to get your promo video, audio recording, or your photos professionally produced. "

Take a moment today to check out this local small business!

Facebook: @BirdflowerProductions

Instagram: @birdflowerproductions

Click HERE to Visit Birdflower Productions' Website

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