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Credit Card Calculator

Credit Card Debt, Loan Forgiveness

Click here to help calculate your debt payoff:

Savings Calculator

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You have to pay off your debt before you can truly start saving.  Now is the time!  Here is a Savings Calculator to help you get the most when looking for the right bank or to make sure you are getting the most out of your current situation.

Total Debt Calculator

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 Want to figure out how much debt you have and when you'll be debt-free? A debt calculator allows you to combine outstanding debt from your credit cards, auto loans, personal loans and real estate loans to calculate how much you owe. Start saving by using a debt calculator to create a payoff plan, and track your payment progress today.

Don't Live Beyond Your Means

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Utilize this Expense List to help keep track of your day to day expenses.  Start by paying off your smallest credit cards first.  Then your highest interest rate cards.  Cash is King!  So avoid using credit.  For more help and valuable tips, click the "Find out more button" below and you can download a free expense organizer.

Keeping up with Nick

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If you want to keep up with Nick you can find him on Facebook, his blog or his personal webiste below:

Can you live debt free?

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People ask, "Can I really live a debt free life?" The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Here at Simonic, we provide debt and budget counseling to clients each year. Nick Simonic has developed a plan that is structured to help you rid yourself of all of your debt, including your home mortgage, in as little as five to seven years. This plan was developed by Nick in an effort to rid his own household of the unwanted burden of being a slave to creditors. The Word says, "Owe no man anything, except to love him." (Romans 13:8). This Word of God tells us that he wants all of us to live debt free lives and to be financially blessed.

Please contact our offices for more information on the Living Debt Free by the Word Plan.


Trying to find the status of your personal tax refund?  The IRS says that it can take up to 21 business days to receive your refund if your tax return was electronically filed and you chose direct deposit. Use the link below to track the status of your refund.  You will need your Social Security Number, filing status and exact refund amount.  Of course call our offices should you have any questions about the results.